Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mailday #2 - Matt Forte and Brian Urlacher Ebay Finds

I opened the mail yesterday and had this package waiting for me which I had completely forgot about buying. Up first are 5 Matt Forte cards 4 of them are 2011 Topps Platinum Refractors an done of the them is a 2009 Prestige base card. I have never much been a fan of refractors, but these are sweet, especially the green one. To make them even better, Forte is wearing the Monsters of the Midway throwback jersey on the card. Since I haven't been active in the hobby much for the past several years these are my first Forte cards. I picked them up for a total of $0.05 too, so for just over a penny apiece, I can't complain.

I also picked up two Brian Urlacher refractors from 2011 Topps Platinum set. One of them is a normal refractor and the other is a refractor on super thick card stock. I am not sure why they made them different, but they are both nice additions to the Bears collection.

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