Friday, February 10, 2012

Figure Fridays #2 - Kevin Von Erich Mattel Legends Series 6

Today's installment of Figure Fridays brings us Kevin Von Erich, the only living member of the Von Erich family (note, I know that the children of the Von Erichs are still alive, but I am speaking only about the 5 or 6 that wrestled in the 80's). I will always remember Kevin as the first wrestler I ever watched that competed barefoot and as the smaller yet more athletic of the two Von Erich's I was most fond of.
My best memories of Kevin in the ring are the match where he took an unprotected back of the head chair shot from Chris Adams that busted him up pretty bad and I believe gave him a concussion in real life. Video can be viewed here. I also remember after one of his matches he won a car and the Dynamic Duo (Geno Hernandez and Chris Adams) smashed it pretty good. I wish I could find old video of that, but I can't seem to pull anything up on Youtube.

Anyway, on to the figure. Kevin comes with red trunks and barefoot like we would expect him also wearing his Texas ring jacket that he wore almost all of the time. The detail on the figure is great like you expect from the Legends line, and again Mattel doesn't dissapoint. My only complaint is that I wish he was wearing the yellow trunks. My memories of Kevin from my childhood he was always in the yellow trunks. His right had comes with the claw post and the left hand is a tightly clenched fist. Another great figure and one that I am happy to have in my collection.

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