Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mailday #1 - Couple rookies, couple vintage

I recently picked up a small lot of singles off of the Bay. I got a pretty good deal on these as I picked up the whole lot with shipping for just a tad over Ten bucks.
First up we have a 1985 Fleer Kirby Puckett rookie card. This goes into my 80's rookie collection and is a card I have never owned. Card has sharp corners and edges and the only real flaw is the centering is off both left to right and top to bottom. I love this card too because Kirby looks so much different than the chubby guy everyone fell in love with later in his career.

Next up is a 1978 Topps Walter Payton. Walter looks pissed here. He must have just fumbled. A 1977 Walter Payton second year card. Card is in pretty rough shape with beat up edges and corners, but it's still a great card. I love the little "1,000 Yarder" graphic on the bottom.

1975 Pete Rose. Everyone loves the 75 Set and and Pete's just a bad ass. Is it me or does it look like he's holding a mini bat in this picture. It just looks small to me.

I love the horrible throwing poses they put the quarterbacks in for the 1970 Topps set. Nothing different for good ole' cantankerous Francis...The guy was a great quarterback, now he just seems to be a bitter old man.

And last but not least the punky qb himself, Mr. McMahon...Always wanted this card and finally got it, and it set me back a whole $0.99...This goes into my Bears collection as well as my rookies of the 80's.

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