Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blue 22 on the comeback route

So while going through my daily readings of sports news, I cought an article yesterday that said Mark Prior was going to try and make one more comeback. I don't need to go into detail about all of the well documented setbacks that Prior has had since his breakout 18-6 season in 2003. As a die hard Cubs fan, until they win the World Series, that will always go down as the most enjoyable baseball season I have ever had the chance to watch.

Prior will always go down as one of my favorite players to watch. His dominace when he was healthy was a thing of beauty. I know it's an unlikely pipe dream, but it would sure be nice if Theo would invite him to spring training so he could end his career with the Cubs. I mean, you know you would get him on the cheap and the boys in blue are in a so called "rebuilding" year as it is anyway, and we all know he couldn't be any worse that trotting Rodrigo Lopez's dead ass out to the mound

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