Thursday, March 1, 2012

HOF Rookie Project #5 - 1975 Topps Robin Yount #223

Card: 1975 Topps #223 Robin Yount
How I got it: Purchased on Ebay
Cost: $5.30 delivered
Why I Bought it: For my HOF Rookie Card Project/Card I have always wanted
My Thoughts: Now this is my kind of card. I have wanted this cards for as long back as I can remember. I picked this guy up for 2.80 with 2.50 shipping and I couldn't be happier. It is pretty beat up, but if you have read my earlier posts, you would know that is how I like my vintage for my personal collection. Yount played 20 seasons all with the Brewers. He won the mvp award two times (1982,1989) and recorded 3,142 hits. His 1731 hits were the most of any player during the 1980's. The first half of Yount's career was played at shortstop before a shoulder injury forced him to the outfield in 1985. Yount was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999 his first year of elgibility with 77.5% of the vote.

My doughter on the Robin Yount plate outside of Miller Park in Milwaukee.


  1. Great card! Yount is my favorite retired player. And nice little blog you got here, welcome to the block!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate you taking the time to read. I have always loved this card.

  2. Only been to Miller Park once. We were there for my 34th Birthday to see the Brew Crew take on my Twins. As much as I love Target Field, I have to admit, Miller Park is a sweet venue.

  3. Miller Park is awesome, too bad I am not a Brewer fan otherwise I might be able to appreciate it more. I am coming out to check out Target field this summer, I have to have some Walleye on a stick.