Friday, March 23, 2012

Mailday #4 - 2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Minis 44 card Lot from Ebay

I picked these up off of Ebay for $13.90 shipped.  It is all but #1 of the non short print minis from this set.  I absolutely love, love, love these cards.  The guy I got these from paulie_pavillion is a great seller.  He is the same guy I picked up most of the base set of Parkhurst Champions from.  Good deals and he is very meticulous and fast with his packing and shipping.

Out of all the great cards in this set my favorites are Grant Fuhr, Peter Stastny, Rogie Vachon, Tony Esposito, Denis Potvin, and Clark Gillies.

I am now down to only needing 12 base cards, 1 regular mini, all SP minis and all Wire Photos and Rendition Cards now to finish this set.  So far this is my favorite hockey set that I am working on.

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